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The Offsite Construction Show 2016

Experienced industry professionals join Scottish Board of Leading Construction Body
Written by Amy

Buildoffsite, in collaboration with the Offsite Construction Show and with the support from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), is delighted to host a programme of Seminars and Masterclasses at the show. The event, hosted on 12th & 13th October, is supported by Buildoffsite, the Modular & Portable Building Association, Structural Timber Association and British Precast.

For the full programme CLICK HERE

At last the offsite construction and modular building industry has its very own, productive and totally dedicated event, giving the industry its own platform and providing a valuable resource of knowledge and advice.

Paul Shelley, sales director, said “We live in an increasingly remote, digital age, so trade events are becoming increasingly important, because there is simply no substitute for meeting people in person and networking with peers, suppliers and customers”.

The Show is supported by many leading, recognised companies, including: Trimble, Howick, FP McCann, Shay Murtagh Precast, Geologic Foundation, Ormandy Group, Modularize, Avatco Building Solutions, Portakabin Group, Elliott, Enterprise Ireland, JJ Smith, Caledonian Modular, Apex Wiring Solutions, Morland.

For the full list of companies CLICK HERE

This important, new event will be a must-visit for anyone seriously involved in any aspect of the construction industry. All our exhibitors and partners are working with us, to bring together what is new in the market and hopefully show why offsite construction is the UK’s emerging construction method, for certain sectors.

If you are involved in the offsite market or need to know more about what it has to offer in efficiency and cost savings, the Offsite Construction Show will save you weeks and months of research, legwork and money, having it all under one roof.

This is the biggest event of its kind, in Europe, at a major venue in London and supported by key industry figures.

To visit this free to attend event simply visit the Show web site or click on the registration link

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