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Carlsberg Station

Carlsberg Station

Carlsberg Station

Carlsberg Station

Carlsberg Station in Copenhagen, Denmark opened on 3 July 2016 as a replacement for Enghave Station. The station was built between 2014 and 2016. Carlsberg Byen P/S were the developer and transferred the completed station to Rail Net Denmark and DSB.

The main engineers on the project were Sweco and Atkins and the main architects were Gottlieb Paludan Architects.

Speaking to Premier Rail News magazine, Mette Neimann, Head of Mobility at Gottlieb Paludan Architects said: “Feedback has been very positive. It is rare that a new station is built, stations are usually upgraded or modernised but building a new station from scratch is unusual but it has been received very positively. All involved in the project believe that well-planned and well-designed traffic-related infrastructure is pivotal for a well-functioning city. The infrastructure became a part of the bigger plan and part of the whole city, in this way the new Carlsberg City can be based on public transportation.”

The development of Carlsberg Station is part of the new district Carlsberg City. The new S-train platform is accessed via stairs, escalators and an elevator with a large urban space. In addition to the new station, a new cycle path has been established that connects Sønderboulevard in Vesterbro to Valby in the outskirts of Copenhagen along with the rail yard. A road bridge has been built over the railway yard that guides cars from Vigerslev Alle into the Carlsberg City.

“The old Enghave station was built in the mid 1980s but it was hidden, not safe and uncomfortable to go there,” said Mette. “When we build stations today we want them to be integrated with the facilities in the city. The city and the station are not two different aspects but are working as one whole which was also important for us when we designed Carlsberg station. On the upper level, we have an urban space for coffee shops, bicycles, passers-by and people living and working there. The access to the station is part of the urban space so the two are welcoming each other and are providing seamless and easy access for passengers.”


Carlsberg Station is expected to become one of the capitals most used stations. The number of users passing through the station is set to rise by up to six times as many, rising from 3,300 per day to 24,000 per day.

Mette added: “This project makes Carlsberg one of the biggest stations in Copenhagen. It will have an impact on people’s everyday lives as it gives them a place to go.”

Carlsberg Station is located about 200 meters from Enghave Station which will be demolished in autumn 2016.

Mette concluded: “Working on this project was important and I think it goes along with the strategy of our office. We prefer to be part of projects that make a change to people’s life both within traffic and energy-related infrastructure. This is for instance projects where people experience a difference in their everyday life or projects that make things easier and more comfortable for them and this is why Carlsberg Station was a very important project for us.”


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