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Grace Santorini

Grace Santorini
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Grace Santorini

Grace Santorini

Set high above the world-famous Santorini Caldera, Grace Santorini is an exclusive boutique hotel, boasting superb views and luxurious amenities. The award-winning hotel presents a stunning collection of bedrooms and suites, all designed to meet the highest standards of quality, as well as a range of facilities ideal for guests who simply want to relax.

Keen to keep the hotel at the forefront of the hospitality sector, the Libra Group – the holding company of Grace Hotels – recently initiated an extensive refurbishment program to update and improve facilities. The project included landscaping; the introduction of a new cocktail lounge; the creation of a retail space, a gym and a yoga room; and the full renovation of all the hotel’s rooms.

Fifth Element Interiors and SMK Interiors were heavily involved in the refurbishment project. Speaking to Premier Hospitality about Grace Santorini, Christina Logothetis, a Designer at Fifth Element Interiors, said:

“Before we became involved in the project, Grace Santorini was already a very successful hotel in its own right. The hotel had won a lot of awards and had been photographed on a number of occasions however the owners felt the interiors could be improved upon. They initiated this refurbishment program in order to elevate the hotel onto the world stage.”

Christina added:

“We were approached about the project; we tendered and then submitted a bathroom and bedroom scheme which fit the bill perfectly. We were told the design needed to be warm and inviting, with high specifications throughout. The design also needed to allow the hotel to compete with other hotels around the world.

“The design had to reflect some of the best qualities that Greece has to offer – which is exactly what we implemented.”

A new level of comfort has now been added to the hotel, with an emphasis on softening the look and making use of raw materials wherever possible. The level of detail that has been applied to the hotel is fantastic and truly enhances what was already on offer.

Although highly successful, the project wasn’t without its challenges. Considering its unique location, access to the hotel was a little problematic throughout the refurbishment and the swift timeframe set aside to complete the work was quite challenging.

Grace Santorini

Christina commented:

“Time was a factor. We were trying to create very luxurious interiors, which required quite a lot of work, but we started in November and had to complete by May. To conduct such a huge and significant renovation in such a short time was incredible. The fact that we completed this project was one of our greatest strengths, as well as one of our greatest challenges.”

Such is the success of the Grace Santorini refurbishment the hotel has recently been shortlisted for four European Hotel Design Awards. The hotel is currently in the running for the ‘Best Renovation & Restoration’ award, the ‘Best Bar’ award, the ‘Best Bedrooms & Bathrooms’ award and ‘Best Restaurant’ award.

Discussing the importance of the project and the award recognition, Christina said:

“We were absolutely thrilled to learn that the hotel had been shortlisted for four European Hotel Design Awards. There are many interiors design awards out there, but these are very serious awards, so it is an honour.

“We’ve been shortlisted in four categories and it is fantastic. It is always a challenge to take a hotel that is already at the top of its game and renovate it completely, but to get industry recognition on top is a real coup. Whatever the outcome of the awards, we’re very pleased to have been shortlisted.”

For more information about Grace Santorini, please visit: www.gracehotels.com.


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