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Kubota Gets Eco-Friendly At Plantworx With The New KX042-4

Kubota Gets Eco-Friendly At Plantworx With The New KX042-4
Written by Amy

Kubota, the leading manufacturer of compact construction equipment, introduced its brand new, eco-friendly mini-excavator live on stand at this year’s Plantworx show in Leicestershire.

 The KX042-4’s Diesel Particulate Filter and ECO PLUS system makes the 4.2 tonne excavator the most environmentally friendly in its class. In Power mode, the KX042-4 offers a 3% increase in productivity, and uses up to 12% less fuel in comparison with its predecessor. In ECO MODE, the user gets the same level of productivity as the previous model, whilst saving up to 20% on fuel: a massive improvement for operators and plant fleet owners.

 The excavator can take on large challenges without wasting energy, thanks to its 29kW, four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, fitted with a Common Rail System that controls the fuel injection timing and amount. Its auxiliary oil flow has proportional flow control. Also as standard the KX042-4 comes with auto idling, auto-shift and dozer blade float, meaning that the Kubota excavator is able to meet the requirements of the most demanding jobs.

 The same standard is met regarding the machine’s ease of use, allowing the user to save time and act as efficiently as the excavator performs. An example of this is when simultaneous operation of the boom, arm, bucket and swivel is required; the one variable pump load sensing hydraulic system distributes the precise amount of oil flow to each actuator, which reduces fuel consumption and delivers greater operating performance.

 Not only does the ECO PLUS system and ease of use offer the opportunity for long and productive work periods, so does the spacious interior. The KX042-4’s luxurious cab has a wider entrance, more leg room and a deluxe seat with suspension, making it ideal for the operator. This also means greater visibility and therefore a safer machine for everyone on site.

 Adrian Mann, Product Manager at Kubota UK commented: “The new KX042-4 is yet another example of Kubota pushing the boundaries, closing the gap between performance and fuel consumption. Plantworx was the perfect opportunity to showcase the KX042-4 and prove our dedication to the needs of our customers.

 “As emissions regulations become more demanding in construction with Stage V around the corner in 2019, we have to make sure our equipment is not only able to cope with these challenges, but also lead the market. This new generation is more productive and more fuel efficient than any previous Kubota four tonne models, two qualities that we know our customers will love.”

 Safety is incorporated into every inch of the KX042-4, with an Engine Start Lockout System that prevents the engine from starting when the safety lever is lowered. A safety lever lockout system helps prevent unexpected excavator and attachment movement when entering or exiting the machine. Plus, with a ROPS/OPG (Top Guard Level 1) cabin, the operator is protected from harm in the case of any accidental rollovers, which can be further prevented with optional rear tie-down hooks.

 The KX042-4 is as simple to service and maintain as it is to operate, with all primary engine components easily accessible through the excavator’s rear engine cover. This means quicker diagnoses and repairs, doing wonders for engineers who could otherwise spend longer getting to the problem than actually solving it.


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