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Paul’s Motors

Paul’s Motors
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Paul’s Motors – New Škoda Showroom


Founded in January 1973 by Paul Le Page, in Partnership with J E Collback & Sons (Guernsey) Limited, Paul’s Motors offers a range of new and used cars including new vehicles from the award winning Škoda range and various quality used cards that are pre-checked and prepared by the company’s experienced team.

Having offered first class customer service and competitive prices on Guernsey for over 40 years, the company is now undergoing the construction of a new Škoda showroom to help them continue with their dedicated customer service.

Paul’s Motors

The new showroom is located on the former site of the St Peter Port Garage. The site closed on Friday 16 June 2017 and was demolished to make way for the new showroom. The initial scheme design is credited to architect Oliver Brock of BPL with Naftel Associates detailing the design and moving the project forward, alongside main contractor Rocks and Blocks.

Gary Naftel, Director of Naftel Associates spoke to Premier Construction: Channel Islands magazine about the project in depth.

He said: “Carl [Paul’s son] approached me regarding the project about a year ago and asked for some help and asked if we could take it to the next stage. He had just obtained planning permission for the building through another architect and he wanted to consider his options moving forward. We provided him with an option of design and project management through to completion, which he liked.

“The previous architect was given a brief as they had to follow planning control requirements so they were able to negotiate a design with the planning department. We then took on the project which required completion of that design in terms of satisfying various conditions and also finalising the actual construction drawings and details, so that was determining what type of foundations were to be used and the roof structure – all of those types of intrinsic details had to be thought out.

“The first stage was the demolition of the existing building and that was quite challenging. Bob Froome managed that process and there weren’t many unknowns that came out of the ground. We then went to the next stage which was to set out the foundations, the pilling; the concrete slab and then moved on to the steel frame. We are now preparing the structure for the cladding.”

Work on site started in July 2017 with the new showroom set to open in mid-2018.

Gary said: “The building has an irregular shape due to the site boundaries and this has created some challenging details to solve. The roof changes from a cold roof to a warm roof design to cope with the changing roof sections, with three individual pitched roof sections and two flat roof sections. They go up at different angles and different directions so we printed a 3D model to show the client and contractors how everything works together.”

As well as the need for the new showroom, Gary and his team are also undertaking landscaping work to ensure that the showroom meets with the high demands of fuel regulations.

Gary added: “Because it is a forecourt area as well, the external land parcel is allocated for cars to be parked and because of that there are fuel regulations. The whole external surface water area has to be collected and separated for any fuel that may have spilled onto the ground and then that is discharged into the surface water systems. So because it is storing cars on site, they need us to deal with the risk of any fuels leaking onto the ground and prevent them from getting into the ground soils and damaging the environment.”

Naftel Associates offers a friendly approach to all of your surveying and architectural needs. They pride themselves in their innovative designs and attention to detail and aim to surpass their client’s expectations at every stage.

Gary concluded: “This project it is very important to us. This is the largest commercial project that we have been involved in. It is challenging for us because while meeting the client’s requirements, we are managing each stage with a series of work package. Rather than having one point of contact, we are dealing with all individuals and companies so it is much more hands on, I am much more involved and on the other side of things, it is a much more efficient and a much more economical project.”

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