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Enhancing The Impact of In-Store Music, Axis Partners With Leading Content Providers

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Written by Amy

While in-store audio is well-established, the potential for music and audio in enhancing the retail customer experience and driving sales is still largely untapped. In announcing a number of strategic partnerships, Axis network audio technologies now integrate with several subscription-based music services to enable tailored background music for business in primarily retail establishments. By partnering with these music services, Axis can now offer a complete solution for retailers who wish to easily manage all aspects of their in-store audio.

Background music for business has a significant impact on the behavior of customers in-store. A study by one of the new Axis partners, Soundtrack Your Brand, found that, in a restaurant environment, playing background music that reflects your brand’s identity can boost sales by an average of 9.1% compared to music which doesn’t (the full study can be found here). The existing Axis network audio technology provides a host of use cases, including targeted public address functionality and integration with video analytics. By partnering with providers of customizable background music, Axis can now offer a complete suite of easily-managed, in-store audio solutions.

Axis is today pleased to announce partnerships with Soundtrack Your Brand, Royal Streaming, MUSIC2BIZ and Pinesker Media Company.

“Traditionally, in-store audio has been used for functional staff and customer announcements, or generic background music”, commented Håkan Hansson, Global Product Manager Audio, Axis Communications. “However, research shows that tailored music, combined with strategic announcements, can actively help move customers towards a sale. When combined with Axis network audio devices, the partnerships we have announced today will allow retailers to deliver tailored audio consistently across their store network, supporting core brand values and enhancing the customer experience, with the high reliability associated with a 100% digital system.”

These music services for business can be fully integrated with existing Axis network speaker systems without any additional hardware or software, allowing for the seamless integration of scheduled and ad hoc announcements with tailored music. They can also work with non-Axis audio systems through AXIS C8033 Audio Bridge, enabling the connection of both analog and digital audio systems.

Axis network speakers integrated with music services allow HQ central control to ensure the right music is being played at each one of their branches.

Axis audio devices are available through Axis distribution channels, while the music streaming services are available direct from the content providers.

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