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Plastico and Transcend Packaging Partner to Supply Paper Straws to the Hospitality Sector

Plastico and Transcend Packaging Partner to Supply Paper Straws to the Hospitality Sector
Written by Amy

Distribution deal will provide food and drink outlets access to UK-made paper straws.

The heightened media coverage of plastic straws has meant that hospitality businesses in the UK have been looking to switch to more sustainable alternatives. To make this transition quicker and easier, Plastico, the UK’s market leader in catering products to the foodservice and retail sectors, has today announced a long-term Supply Agreement and Strategic Partnership with Transcend Packaging that will offer food and drink service companies access to the same high-quality, British-made paper straws that will also be supplied to major brands.

“Small to medium sized food and drink outlets contribute to more than half of all the plastic straws used in the UK, so its equally important that a solution is provided for this sector, as well as the high street chains”, commented John Reeves, Head of UK & European Sales at Plastico. “This distribution deal now means that hospitality outlets are able to source food-grade straws direct from the UK’s only mass-produced paper straw plant currently in operation”, added John.

Transcend Packaging, based near Caerphilly in South Wales, specialises in sustainable packaging, specifically for the food manufacturing, drink production, food service, confectionery, and health and beauty sectors. The company recently announced a deal to supply paper straws to McDonald’s as it, along with other major chains, phases out the plastic variety.

“Whilst businesses must be applauded for phasing out plastic straws, the concern in the market place is how they replace these with ones made from paper?”, says Mark Varney, Sales and Marketing Director at Transcend Packaging. “This new strategic relationship leverages our own UK-based production facility with the market reach of Plastico that now offers customers the ease, reliability and consistency in supply that sourcing from other markets or suppliers would be difficult to match”, added Mark.

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