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A Sparkling Skyline

A Sparkling Skyline
Written by Amy

Nulty has completed work on Hakkasan Abu Dhabi’s new outdoor terrace, set within the exclusive grounds of the Emirates Palace hotel. Nulty designed a lighting scheme that would work with the existing architecture of the space, using light to create permeability and movement, whilst not distracting from the amazing skyline visible from the terrace.

The lighting concept focuses on low-level lighting details to draw the eye through the space and maintain the majestic views across the Emirates Palace. An entrance bridge to the terrace features integrated lighting within the walkway, aiding orientation and guiding guests.

Cleverly integrated lighting under the skirting detail, along the pathway and length of the cabanas, highlights the circulation route whilst adding rhythm to the space. Linear lines of soft white light have been integrated within the flooring to add visual texture and interest.

Inside the cabanas carved wood, back-illuminated lattice panels are framed by vertical strips of vibrant blue, synonymous with the Hakkasan brand. Table lamps within the space reinforce the feeling of domesticity and create a warm and intimate feel.

Illuminated panels above the bar area provide a high level of ambient lighting and are complemented by linear lighting details within the floor and counter front, to create a focal point on the terrace.

Projects Director Ahmed Saliem says, “Working on an existing project is always a challenge, due to carefully balancing the original design intent with fresh new elements. The lighting concept celebrates the old and the new, whilst showcasing the amazing architecture of this unique space.”

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