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Construction Workers Spray Safe

Construction Workers Spray Safe
Written by Amy

Construction workers are being urged to ‘spray safe’ this winter following the launch of a revolutionary new reflective spray which will make them more visible in the dark.

The Albedo100 spray is highly reflective of lights during darkness and can be sprayed on to almost any surface.

Its creators believe it could mark a major breakthrough in safety by making thousands of construction and roadside workers highly visible under lights at night. Their Industrial spray has been developed with workers in mind and goes on grey but is nearly twice as reflective as their Textile and Permanent sprays.

Signs and symbols can be made highly reflective by cutting out and spraying on with stencils making a construction or roadside site safer in the dark.

The team behind the innovative new safety spray Albedo100 claim their product will make construction sites and roadside works safer in the dark.

By spraying the product onto hard hats, jackets, corners and potential hazards workers and sites instantly become highly reflective when a light is shone on them.

A person wearing the spray can be seen from up to 500 feet away when light hits them, a significant improvement in visibility when compared to someone wearing bright or high visibility clothing, which can only be seen from roughly 200 feet away.

The spray is expected to become popular with highway maintenance workers and other construction sector staff whose night time working makes them vulnerable to accidents.

A spokesperson from Albedo100 said: “We believe our product is a major breakthrough in safety which can help prevent unnecessary accidents on construction and roadside sites.

“Anything that makes employees safer is a positive step forward and our permanent spray does just that.

“The industrial spray can be used to warn workers on site or the general public outside, of any potential dangers.

“It’s far more reflective than other sprays in the range and can be used on materials like brick, tarmac or stone to spray warning signs. It can also be used on hard hats and ear protectors to add a further level of safety.

“The spray is retroreflective meaning which means when light hits it, it bounces straight back at the light source rather than all around. It’s very easy to apply and incredibly effective at distance.

“We are excited to be launching this innovative new product in the UK and we are looking forward to helping make construction and roadside workers even safer.”

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