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Ten Kites Partners with IndiCater to Simplify Multi-Channel Deployment of Allergen-Compliant Recipes and Consumer-Facing Menus

Ten Kites Partners with IndiCater to Simplify Multi-Channel Deployment of Allergen-Compliant Recipes and Consumer-Facing Menus
Written by Amy
  • Live menu publishing platform seamlessly integrates with recipe module providing transparency and access to accurate nutrition data for leisure sector
  • David Lloyd Leisure benefits from the new partnership platform

As part of a strategy to improve access to accurate nutrition and allergen-compliant data, while reducing the risks associated with manual error, Ten Kites, the digital menu-publishing platform, has formed a new strategic partnership with recipe and menu management software specialist, IndiCater. This alliance highlights a need for greater transparency across the leisure industry on dining provision and also growing demand from on-the-go club members looking to access menus and nutritional information from onsite restaurants and caterers via multiple channels and devices.

Providing greater lines of communication between consumers and leisure operators, both platforms have been integrated to ensure compliance with current and potentially future legislation. The partnership allows businesses to create recipes and publish their menus instantly with up to date allergen and nutritional data, presented in an interactive and consumer-friendly way. Consistency of allergens updates published across multiple channels, devices and apps in real time, also gives greater peace of mind to hospitality and catering firms.

David Lloyd Leisure is one operator that is already benefiting from this partnership having used IndiCater’s recipe management software for a number of years and more recently, benefiting from the integration and additional features of Ten Kites’ advanced menu-publishing platform.  As a result, club members are now able to view menus via the app or website and can easily search or filter dishes dependent on allergies or dietary requirements. Because the menu-publishing system links directly to the live recipe management software, updates to dishes are automated so there is no need to alter menus when ingredients, calories or recipes change.

Jonny Stevens, Sales Director at Ten Kites commented: “The two systems integrate especially well for the leisure sector. Making this information more accessible is becoming extremely important in today’s health-conscious world.  Just as people want to understand from an ethical perspective, where their food comes from, they also want to know what it contains, whether that is related to an intolerance, a dietary preference or a more serious life-threatening allergy, there is little room for error.  An informed customer always enjoys a richer experience and working with IndiCater we are helping to simplify the process of publishing menus as well as keeping consumers educated on the choices they make.”

Adam Smith, Sales and Marketing Director at IndiCater agreed, “When it comes to future changes in legislation it’s always worth being one step ahead of the game. Working with Ten Kites further extends our compliance offering and current suite of recipe and menu modules. Linking both systems together means our clients now have access to a guest-facing menu publishing feature complete with allergen filtering which reduces the risk of mistakes via manual website updates and of course, removes time wasted updating apps and social media platforms when menus change.”

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