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Why Hospitality Businesses Need the Right Workplace Engagement to Retain Staff in 2019

Why Hospitality Businesses Need the Right Workplace Engagement to Retain Staff in 2019
Written by Amy

By Cristian Grossmann, Beekeeper CEO and Co-Founder

The UK hospitality industry employs more than 3 million people and staff turnover in the industry is estimated to be between 30- 50%. So what can the hospitality industry do to decrease high staff turnover?

Not only are there substantial costs involved in high staff turnover as the estimated average cost of hiring a staff member in the UK is £3,000, but UK companies typically spend over £1,000 per employee on training. There are also predicted labour shortages in the industry post-Brexit, depending on subsequent new UK immigration laws because currently 13.5% of staff in the industry are from the EU.

Whatever the outcomes of Brexit are, the hospitality industry is facing huge unknowns that may lead to less EU citizens being able to work in industry. It’s therefore vital that companies do what they can to hold onto staff.

Now more than ever hospitality businesses need to use effective employee engagement solutions to retain staff and operate successfully.

Use a mobile communications platform to engage employees

Employee engagement refers to two key elements of your workforce: how much they  feel connected to your organisation’s goals and values, and how motivated they are to help your organisation achieve success.

The right staff engagement makes employees feel happier, valued, motivated, productive, and more likely to stay. In contrast, when employees lose belief in their purpose or notice morale begin to drop in an organisation, they are likely to switch-off mentally, lose motivation, and become less productive.

Engaging with employees within hospitality companies and creating a sense of community and organisational culture can be a huge challenge as workers are often separated by shift patterns, locations, and job roles.

Companies that use the right internal communications platform can engage with their employees via a mobile app. This gives them instant access to operational and communication resources anywhere work takes them via a smartphone. Being better connected to your organization in this way in turn makes them happier and more satisfied in their roles.

Embrace employee feedback and encourage two-way communication

An internal communications platform can help you engage with employees in a range of different ways, each with unique benefits to your employees and your organisation.

For example, an operational communication platform can be used by employers to encourage two-way communication channels between employees and the rest of the organization. This also provides a great way for everyone to share feedback with fellow colleagues, management, and directors.

Letting all your employees share their thoughts and experiences can help shape the company. Ensuring your employees feel their voices are heard is crucial for positive engagement.

Two-way company-wide communication can include using interactive polling features to let your employees vote in surveys via a team app.

Other areas to evaluate include the timing and frequency of breaks, break room facilities, or work conditions in the places where employees spend the majority of their workday. Management can then assess feedback and make appropriate changes to the workplace to make employees happier.

Give consistent praise to foster a cohesive organisational culture

Sharing praise and rewards is another strategy you can leverage to better engage with employees to make them feel happier and more motivated at work. An internal communications platform allows your management team to send private messages directly to specific employees, or post employee recognition directly  on the platform so that it’s visible to the entire company.

You could post one to each employee, which recognises their contribution over the past year, or create a group discussion mentioning each team member and praising their achievements at work.

For example, you can share positive workforce-focused messages like celebrating employee of the month, introducing new team members, employee birthdays and baby announcements.

Ultimately, there are major uncertainties when it comes to labour supply in 2019. This means hospitality companies must provide ways to make work better for their workforce, namely by effectively engaging with all employees to make them happier, more productive, and more likely to stay. That’s why now is the ideal time for hospitality companies to adopt an internal communications platform.

Cristian Grossmann is the CEO and Co-Founder of Beekeeper. Beekeeper is a mobile-first communication platform built for frontline employees that reaches every shift, location, and language through real-time messaging, targeted streams, and automated workflows.


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