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Property Protection with a Cause

Property Protection with a Cause
Written by Amy

“I know it might sound cheesy, but Live-in Caretakers saves lives,”  Ex-British soldier and Live-in Caretaker, Ben Moses

A property protection company with a dual purpose, Live-in Caretakers recruits ex-military personnel to safeguard and preserve vacant buildings, whilst providing much needed support and a brighter future to those who have served the country and are now facing the challenge of adjusting to civilian life.  Live-in Caretaker Ben Moses explains: “I have no idea where I would be without this opportunity.  They took me in straightaway and within 24 hours of calling them I had a job and a roof over my head.  Live-in Caretakers has given me stability and a much-needed safety net.”

Whilst Live-in Guardians places carefully selected guardians to live in and look after vacant buildings, Live-in Caretakers step in to provide 24/7 security for buildings which are not suitable for guardianship.  Squatting and the resulting damage caused to properties, combined with the substantial costs involved in removing squatters, has motivated property owners to seek alternative, effective solutions to this problem. With Live-in Caretakers, property owners can save up to 70% of the cost of using other security methods, plus contribute to a worthy cause.  Arthur Duke adds: “When it comes to choosing someone to protect an asset, you couldn’t find someone more qualified than a military trained expert.  Our caretakers are dedicated and competent, combatting the extremely time consuming and expensive issues around securing vacant properties.”

Ben joined the military in 2013.  After 5 years of service and following his mother’s terminal diagnosis, he decided it was time to return home.  However, the 30-year-old found adjusting to life outside the army extremely hard and began to go down a dangerous path, until and old colleague mentioned Live-in Caretakers.  Living rent free and earning a salary, Ben plans to be a caretaker for a year and save enough to move his life forward.

Similarly, Live-in Caretaker Ashley Baker joined the British Army at 18-years-old and found there was no guidance for him when he left five years later. He explains how Live-in Caretakers support him in other ways too. “I was eager to better myself.  I now have new qualifications under my belt and feel part of something again.  Live-in Caretakers is really great at helping ex-soldiers.  One message I’d like to highlight is; if you are struggling, this is the company to come to.”

Applying the diligence and professionalism acquired in their previous careers, Live-in Caretakers provide commercial and residential property owners with valuable peace of mind and ex-soldiers with employment opportunities, personal and professional support and in many cases a home.   A subsidiary of property guardian company Live-in Guardians, the company was founded through a chance meeting at a fundraising event for Just Rifles, a charity which supports ex-service personnel who have served in the Rifles Regiment. Former British Army Warrant Officer Lee Rider, who achieved 23 years of military service, consequently joined forces with Arthur Duke, Managing Director at Live-in Guardians, to form Live-in Caretakers.   Together they offer ex-soldiers in need employment opportunities and support to move forward.  This includes funding additional training, with Live-in Caretakers gaining SIA and close protection qualifications.

In his role as Operations Director, Lee utilises his experience and contacts to place caretakers in buildings across London and other UK cities.  Caretakers are not only given new employment, but the company also supports them to develop professionally and personally, financing them to acquire new qualifications and placing two Live-in Caretakers in each building so they are able to leave the premises to gain other work experience or develop new skills. Lee describes his role as “a vocation and a calling”.  He continues: “Word spread quickly about Live-in Caretakers within the ex-military community and we’ve been inundated with chaps who want to join, so the business has grown swiftly.  Many leave the military feeling extremely lost and they don’t know how to survive in the civilian world. My background means I can talk to them in a language they understand and I know how to connect with them.  Our aim is to re-build their self-esteem and help them integrate back into society.”

The company also employ a full-time site supervisor, ex- military personnel Sean Skeldon, whose sole job is to ensure the caretakers’ welfare.  Devoted to this, Sean uses the experience and knowledge he gained during his 23 years of service to create structure and support for the employees.  Buildings are heated, have running water and caretakers are provided with all they need to live in comfort.

Live-in Caretakers currently employ 30 ex-soldiers who are protecting empty properties ranging from former police stations, hospitals, pubs, offices and schools, with military precision.

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