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Rudy’s Pizza is Now 10th Best Pizza in the World

Rudy's Pizza is Now 10th Best Pizza in the World
Written by Amy

Manchester’s most beloved pizzeria, Rudy’s Pizza, has achieved another impressive accolade being named the 10th best pizza in the world by Big Seven; the global platform hat draws travel inspiration from the seven continents of the world:

The pizza restaurant, which has premises in Ancoats and Peter Street, offers a relaxed restaurant environment and delicious pizzas made by passionate pizzaiolos intent on following the traditions and artistry of pizza from Naples.

The Big Seven Top 10 pizzas in the world

  1. Spacca Napoli – Illinois, USA
  2. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele – Naples, Italy
  3. Emily – New York, USA
  4. Starita – Naples, Italy
  5. PIZZANA – Los Angeles, USA
  6. Baest – København, Denmark
  7. 400 Gradi – Essendon, Australia
  8. Del Popolo – San Francisco, USA
  9. La Svolta – Melbourne, Australia
  10. Rudy’s Pizza – Manchester, England

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