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Abtec Building Technologies Launches Standards-Backed SaaS Emergency Lighting System

Abtec Building Technologies Launches Standards-Backed SaaS Emergency Lighting System
Written by Amy

New ARGOHub technology harnesses the KNX building control and DALI communications standards to deliver robust monitoring, management and fault reporting of emergency lighting.

In development for more than five years, Abtec Building Technologies’ new software as a service (SaaS) offering is ARGOHub: a robust and powerful new addition to the market for emergency lighting systems.

A vendor-agnostic design means that it can be used with a comprehensive array of current light fittings, while other headline features include easy integration into other building management systems (BMS) and a graphical user interface for rapid monitoring and detection of faults.

Emergency lighting is closely regulated thanks to standards such as (in the UK) BS EN 50172:2004/BS 5266-1:2016, which specify the minimum provision and testing of emergency lighting for different premises. Several recent tragedies have, quite rightly, refocused attention on the extent to which these standards are being implemented in building types including schools, colleges, hospitals, corporate facilities and multi-storey dwellings. With its powerful monitoring and fault reporting capabilities, ARGOHub will bring welcome reassurance both to the users of buildings and their owners/operators.

Designed for maximum operational flexibility, ARGOHub employs the KNX open standard communications protocol. Individual groups are monitored and controlled via DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), with KNX/IP routers allowing the lighting systems to be connected to the overall building emergency lighting system in different operational ‘lines’. The infrastructure can be easily expanded or amended given that each new line is able to communicate with the other lines in the building.

As an SaaS offering with an attractively-designed GUI, ARGOHub allows building managers to maintain a close watch on system performance and respond quickly to actual or potential faults. For clients with multiple sites, ARGOHub can be integrated with Google Maps to provide location-based monitoring worldwide. As well as on-premise storage, all data is sent to Abtec’s own cloud platform, which is part of the London-based Telehouse North and East data centres. Since this network is private and is not hosted on the internet, it is fully protected against the ever-increasing number of cyber security threats.

Building managers and other end-users can activate, deactivate and display different HVAC, metering and lighting control layers as additions to the software if required. ARGOHub can also reduce the need for multiple head-ends by offering the opportunity to interface with other building systems using open protocols such as KNX and BACnet.

Dave Watkins, Director of Abtec Building Technologies, confirms that ARGOHub will be available both as an OEM product and a standalone solution. “At a time when building safety is under scrutiny like never before, ARGOHub provides a complete solution for effective emergency lighting control and management,” says Watkins. “Easy to use, control and test in line with British and European standards, ARGOHub will enhance overall building safety and bring peace of mind to building owners, operators and users everywhere.”

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