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Rail Construction News 3.9

Rail Construction News 3.9
Written by Roma Publications

This Month in Rail Construction News 3.9

Welcome to the latest edition of Rail Construction News – the premier construction tool for the rail industry.

In this month’s edition of Rail Construction News, we take a look at Quito Metro in Ecuador; we check in with the Doha Metro; and we cast an eye over the Mauritius Metro Express.

The Quito Metro is an underground rail system currently under construction in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. Scheduled to be operational in 2020, the Quito Metro’s first line will total 22km of tunnel and include 15 stations.

Quito’s Metro Line 1 will be the backbone of transportation in the city, joining all the main districts from south to north, with strategical stations along the path, such as Labrador Station, where the Quito Convention Centre is located, or Universidad Central Station, located at the city’s main University Campus.

The Doha Metro is the most prominent project so far for Qatar Rail. When fully complete the Doha Metro will serve both the capital and surrounding suburbs, with major locations all within easy and convenient reach.

Doha Metro is one of the fastest driverless trains in the world and will be the fastest in the region; able to reach 100 km per hour. In total, 110 trains – consisting of three cars, one of which will be for goldclub and Family Class and two for Standard class – will be delivered to Doha Metro.

The Metro Express Project (the Project) in Mauritius is 26 km long and will connect the main urban centres of the country, from Curepipe to the capital, Port Louis via 19 stations. Phase 1 of the project has just been completed and phase 2 is set to follow in two years’ time.

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With all this and much more inside, please join us as we explore the projects which continue to shape our nation’s railways. Go well!

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