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Nine Lives new cocktail menu: the most thoughtful cocktail menu in London

Nine Lives new cocktail menu: the most thoughtful cocktail menu in London
Written by Amy

Introducing the most thoughtful cocktail menu yet from the team behind Nine Lives cocktail bar. The name Nine Lives translates to an ethos translating to unveiled treasures, nothing wasted, everything lovingly sourced and selected with intention, the bar team under the direction of head bartender Ziggy Barascu have introduced a new nine piece cocktail menu that stays true to this sentiment, The award winning bar team have been  experimenting for the past six months to bring a menu that will launch to the public on the 18th November 2019.

The menu covers will be made by Weez&Merl, out of 100% waste plastic from carrier bags, bottles, bubble wrap and other plastics dumped in the ocean. Each menu will have its own unique pattern, made by hand, using the equivalent of 60 carrier bags.

Every ingredient within each drink is carefully considered; with the environment, community and guest in mind. Infusions, sodas and garnishes are made from waste ingredients from the bar and local businesses around London Bridge and blended together with vegetation and herbs from their own back garden. For the first time ever, the team at Nine Lives have also created two home-canned and home-made cocktails; The Ballers are produced and packaged entirely at the bar.

Famed for its music just as much as the drinks list, Nine Lives will introduce a menu with each cocktail named after a solid 90s hip-hop tune. Each cocktail on the list blends taste, balance and a positive impact in equal measures.


Avocado mezcal shaken with a homemade rosemary syrup & mint tea

  • Wasted avocado skins are infused with Mezcal to add a buttery texture to the mezcal and hint of bitterness
  • Koseret tea is a remedy against winter flu, sourced from the Rare Tea Company, the Koseret tea is grown and tended to by the women of the Andinet Spice Cooperative. Andinet means “unity” in Amharic and together these women have built a cooperative providing opportunity through spice and herb production. The company itself sources directly from the farmers and are sustainable (no bags, bleaches, pesticides, glues etc)
  • The rosemary is grown in the Nine Lives garden, infused in-house

Bonita Applebum

Avallen calvados, pisco, local honey (from the Bermondsey Street Bees) & lemon zest

  • using Avallen Calvados, a young Calvados from France that has a positive impact on the wild bee population. Founders Etherington-Judge and Jordan explain that Calvados is by far one of the most sustainable spirits in the world made from over 300 varieties of apples and pears, cultivated in a well-orchestrated eco-system whereby the orchards, cows, birds and bees work in perfect harmony.
  • Local honey from the Bermondsey Street Bees, from the hives housed on the roof of their Victorian sugar warehouse. With London’s diminishing habitats for the bee population, Bermondsey Street Bees provides a solution to cultivate the urban space and grow the local bee community
  • Left over yolks from other cocktails in the menu that would usually get thrown away
  • Garnish is made from desiccated coconut leftover from The Moby Dick cocktail, blended together with spent lemon peel

Top Rock

Almond croissant-infused brandy (Metaxa), rye whiskey (Rebel Yell) and almond liqueur

  • Almond old fashion made through fat washing Metaxa 12* with almond croissants from the coffee shops around Nine Lives, that would not have survived the next day.

Original Pirate Material

Plantation rums (pineapple-infused & 5-year old), homemade falernum, lime, guava soda & drizzled with pomegranate.

  • Contains Nine Lives Falernum made with avocado seed instead of almonds, and left-over ginger pulp after their ginger juicing for Penicillin cocktail
  • Each time this song comes on at the bar, the guests that recognise it will get their drink for free

Nine Lives, the bar from founders Allan Gage, Emma Hutchison and Tom Soden is a true hidden gem, with as much consideration paid to the killer soundtrack and vibe as the cocktail menu. This neighbourhood bar is nestled in a Victorian basement on Holyrood street, with a positive impact on their guests, the environment and the bar industry.


Nine Lives

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