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Samarès Nurseries St Clement

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Affordable Homes, Samarès Nurseries

Construction of the brand new affordable housing estate on the Samarès Nurseries site in St Clement, Jersey, is making good progress towards completion, creating a brand new 200-home mixed tenure scheme for Andium Homes.

The project will provide 40 three-bedroom houses which will be privately owned as first time buyer affordable housing, with the remaining 160 properties being retained by Andium Homes for rental clients.

Work on site started in 2018, with the final 25 three bedroom homes due for completion in August this year.

The developer of the site is GR Langlois Ltd and the contractor is Houzé Construction. Architects are Axis Mason Architects.

Tom Bull of Axis Mason Architects said: “Before construction even began, we undertook extensive archaeology works to review any potential history on the site. There were some findings which have been recorded, but it was agreed that it is not a site of significance. Following this, the site underwent stabilisation works due to the poor quality of the ground.

“There are only a few sites on Jersey that have used this method previously, so it was interesting to see the process which, much like piling, pumps concrete into the ground.”

Arranged around a series of shared, landscaped courtyards the buildings are designed from 1.5 to 3 storey height with a crisp clean look and arranged into four distinct zones. The site has been designed to offer a fair balance of privacy, open recreation space and homeliness.

The site is rezoned green field land and previously housed two large greenhouses – therefore the design of the development has incorporated a green corridor around and through the site, with the natural ecology being embraced within and encouraged to pass around the scheme.

Samarès Nursery also forms part of the Eastern Cycle Route, with over a kilometre of cycle route passing through and beyond the site.

Tom Bull said: “The buildings themselves are of traditional construction – and in that sense relatively simple to build. The sheer volume of the site is perhaps the most difficult challenge. For example, it can take 15 minutes to walk across the site from the entrance – so coordination of the right materials in the right place when the trades arrive is essential to the build programme.”

The scheme is being released in four phases with the first having achieved completion in November 2019.

Phase 1 included 26 three-bedroom houses and 34 one- and two-bedroom apartments. This phase also incorporates a children’s play area and a link to Rue des Maupertuis, via a newly constructed path which now forms part of the Eastern Cycle Network.

Phase 2 includes first time buyer units and a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom rented accommodation, again with a children’s play area and the two ponds required as part of the ecology requirements given at planning stage.

At the heart of the site, Phase 3 contains the majority of the one- and two-bedroom rented accommodation, as well as a small number of three-bedroom houses. The central area of the site has a play area as well as the submerged pumping station for the site drainage.

Phase 4 contains the final balance of first time buyer three-bedroom houses and will complete the entrance to the site’s inner road, enabling the intended access point to come into use.

Tom Bull commented: “Houzé Construction are doing well in difficult conditions. This winter has been one of the wettest on record, so the site has been difficult to even navigate – let alone render and paint the buildings.

“Feedback we have had so far is positive, but the real feedback can only come once the whole scheme is complete and the residents get the full benefit of the landscaped environment.”

He added that he believes GR Langlois is very happy with the scheme, and also that it enables Andium to relocate residents to refurbish the Les Marais towers and form part of their wider island plan for meeting the housing need.

Tom Bull concluded: “I think this project is important for Axis Mason. The delivery of it is the culmination of years of work together with GR Langlois to reach a scheme that meets the requirements of the rezoned land at Samarès Nursery.”


Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Limited

In November 2019 Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Limited received accreditation from the Arboricultural Association of the United Kingdom as an Approved Contractor, making the company the only ‘ARB’ approved contractor in the Channel Islands.

What does being an Approved Contractor mean?

It provides assurance that the company carries out works to best practice, holds the highest levels of knowledge and skills and upholds the professional standards of the industry.

It provides assurance that the highest health and safety standards are being met and for this reason ARB Approved Contractors are increasingly demanded by Governmental Authorities, Utility Companies and other large commercial organisations.

The client can be assured of good quality tree care, undertaken safely and efficiently.

Work is carried out in accordance with British Standard BS3998 2010 Tree Work – Recommended.

That standards are maintained and reflect contemporary arboriculture research findings, legislative and business practices.

It is a requirement for the tree surgery business to have appropriate insurance in place (in all cases public liability insurance to a minimum of £5,000,000 and Employers’ Liability insurance to an appropriate level commensurate with the size of the business).

The successful accreditation underpins the capabilities and commitment of Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Limited in improving standards across the management and welfare of trees within the Island. Please visit our new website on www.trees.je for further information and a full list of our services.


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