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The NO-DIG LIVE 2012 exhibition, which is returning 2-4 of October 2012, will present a thrilling opportunity to probe industry experts on a range of products, with excitement already building within the trenchless community.

The 11th biennial trenchless technology exhibition is taking place in Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry, and will be providing visitors with the opportunity to see new machinery and equipment operating in a live working environment.

The exhibition is a major networking event that gives engineers a glimpse of the very latest innovations in the world of trenchless technology. NO-DIG LIVE 2012 provides the industry with a chance to interact with leading experts and to discuss the latest innovations. There is also a strong emphasis on education at NO-DIG LIVE 2012 as the event will allow visitors to build a better understanding of the new technology that is on display.

Westrade Group Ltd. is the organiser behind NO-DIG LIVE 2012. The company has been coordinating NO-DIG and other trenchless demonstrations in the UK, Middle East, Far East, South Africa and India since the initial NO-DIG LIVE which was held in London in 1985.

NO-DIG LIVE 2012 is a unique event that focuses on installation and refurbishment equipment which causes minimal surface disruption to sites and is of great importance to the industry.

Expressing his interest in NO-DIG LIVE and the technology which will be on display, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, wrote to Russell Fairhurst, Chairman of the United Kingdom Society for Trenchless technology:

“I greatly commend the efforts of UKSTT to support and promote innovative solutions that reduce the disruption caused by roadworks.

“A major aspect of my administration has been to tackle this thorny issue and in September 2011, I released my roadwork pledge, which clearly outlines the standards that London should expect from roadwork sites.

“One of the key principles of this pledge is to take up as little road/pavement space as possible with a compact working area, something that trenchless technology makes possible. This way of working also satisfies the aim to keep London moving, by ensuring works are completed as quickly as possible.”

NO-DIG LIVE 2012 will explore a variety of different subjects that will appeal to various industry sectors. These will comprise enthralling discussions ranging from records and plant location to pipeline operation and leakage management.

The daily program at NO-DIG LIVE 2012 will also include the popular Breakfast Briefings, where guests will have the chance to take part in a topical consultation, allowing them to attend a seminar before viewing the exhibition.

The initial outdoor plots at the event have already sold out, with organisers now looking for further expansion opportunities. There are already a resounding 60 contributors that have already confirmed their participation in the event with countless others registering their involvement.

NO-DIG LIVE 2012 is also attracting much international interest due to its commendable reputation for offering focussed shows with varied appeal. The number of exhibitors arriving from overseas looks set to increase.

In 2010, NO-DIG LIVE proved so popular the event boasted the largest number of visitors in its 27 year history. With an unprecedented demand for space and many repeat bookings from outdoor exhibitors this year’s show is expecting to exceed visitor numbers once again.

Exhibition and seminar registration for NO-DIG LIVE 2012 is now open with admittance to the event free for industry professionals.

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 Steve Vick International

Steve Vick International is taking an outside stand (no.45) at No Dig 2012 to demonstrate new products in their pipe handling range: a trailer capable of transporting 500-metre coils, two Mini Pipe Handlers which attach to excavators to handle PE pipe on site and the MACAW, a digger attachment for cracking redundant cast iron mains.

The new trailer has a number of key advantages: by taking a 500-metre coil as opposed to a typical 100 metres, it allows operators to save money by reducing pipe wastage by up to 13%.  Due to an improved central drum configuration, pipe is dispensed quicker, faster and more smoothly compared to trailers with no central drum.

The handlers attach to mini excavators to allow PE pipe, up to 180mm in diameter, to be manoeuvred on site and inserted quickly and securely from the safety of the cab. Typical insertion speeds of up to 10 metres per minute are possible.

The MACAW, suitable for 8 – 18” cast iron mains, makes breaking out abandoned mains a quick, easy and safe job, compared with alternative hand held tooling. A smaller model will be available soon.

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