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The right solution equals better buildings

Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director of EMSc (UK) Ltd

Buildings are one of the biggest consumers of natural resources and account for a significant portion of carbon emissions – in the UK, the figure is around 45%. But implementing the right tools and technologies from the start will ensure that buildings are more efficient and sustainable, says Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director of EMSc (UK) Ltd.

The advantage of a new building – whether residential or commercial – is that every measure can be taken to ensure optimal energy efficiency; buildings are insulated and double glazed, solar energy is utilised and efficient lighting is installed. However, one area that is often overlooked is the amount of energy consumed by the electronic equipment used in new buildings.

This is where voltage optimisation, an electrical energy saving technique in which a device is installed in series with the mains electricity supply to provide an optimum supply voltage for a site’s equipment, can add substantial value as it is commonly recognised as a proven and reliable way to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Until recently, voltage optimisation systems appeared to offer fewer savings benefits than the other sustainability measures implemented in new build projects. But a new voltage optimisation system – specifically designed to meet the needs of new builds – has been introduced to the market.

Powerstar HV MAX, the third voltage optimisation system offered by EMSc (UK) Ltd, manufacturer of the Star® range of energy saving solutions, is the world’s first super low-loss HV transformer with an amorphous metal core.

Essentially, the super low-loss transformer coupled with electronic-dynamic intelligent voltage optimisation technology provides optimum voltage levels for buildings, reduces standing losses by up to 75% and offers significant savings on energy consumption.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director of EMSc (UK) Ltd

While older transformers have high levels of standing losses and the majority of modern transformers used on commercial sites use Cold Rolled Grain Oriented steel (CRGO) within their core, which still provide significant losses for buildings in comparison to amorphous steel transformers, the system utilises electronic-dynamic intelligent technology to ensure that voltage is supplied to a site at a constant, stable level regardless of the input voltage instability – a vital feature for sites with critical loads, secure data and important operations that require high levels of reliability and security such as supermarkets, data centres, hospitals, hotels, education facilities and retail outlets.

Although it can be used to replace older transformers on existing sites, or on sites where physical space restrictions previously made voltage optimisation installations difficult to implement, the system’s true strength lies in its suitability to new build developments.

And suitability is a key point to consider when it comes to energy management systems – and voltage optimisation solutions in particular – as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Selecting the right type of system for a building or site is essential to ensure that electrical equipment is running efficiently, and that real energy savings are achieved.

Speaking of savings, this new system can help achieve annual energy consumption savings of 12%. And in addition to benefits such as reduced carbon emissions, guaranteed savings, simple installation, and a payback period of less than five years, it can help new build projects achieve sustainability marks and high energy efficiency ratings through accreditations such as LEED and BREEAM. Furthermore, it is fully designed and manufactured in the UK to be 98% recyclable – another LEED and BREEAM measurement.

While any number of energy saving measures can be designed in during the planning stages of a new build project, no plan will be complete without an intelligent voltage optimisation system like Powerstar HV MAX. Not only will the building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint be reduced, but equipment will operate as efficiently as possible at all times, the lifetime of equipment will be maximised, and maintenance costs will be significantly reduced. The result? Better buildings.

EMSc (UK) Ltd is currently celebrating over 10 years of British design and manufacturing success – it has been manufacturing the market leading voltage optimisation solution Powerstar at its headquarters in Yorkshire for over a decade. The company is accredited with the Made in Sheffield accolade in acknowledgement of the quality of its manufacturing process, its expansion into international markets, and the overall success of Powerstar, which is exported to countries including Cyprus, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Greece, Malta, Bahrain and Spain. The company has been awarded with ISO9001 and is an NICEIC approved contractor.

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