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Taking skateboarding to the X-treme

Guernsey Skate Park

Work on Guernsey’s dedicated skate park continues to make good progress.

Jubilee Skate Park is a brand new skating facility boasting a range of fantastic structures which have been designed to cater for the Island’s budding skateboarding community. The project – spearheaded by the X-treme Sport Association – is the result of a decade of careful planning and negation and is a development which Chairman of the X-treme Sport Association and Minister of Culture and Leisure, Mike O’Hara is very proud of.

Commenting on the project, Mike said:

“This is a huge skate park, with many great skating structures, including a treble bowl, a half-pipe and even a whole street section. It has been a long journey and a difficult task to find a place for the park, however within the last two years the project has really picked up a lot of momentum and now we are over halfway complete.

Guernsey Skate Park

“My first brush with skate parks was in April 2002 and getting this one off the ground was a big challenge, however I am extremely pleased that we got there in the end. Once Jubilee Skate Park is fully operational this will be a fantastic facility for youngsters and as far as we are concerned this is set to become the Wembley of skateboarding parks!”

Work began on the project in December 2012 and is currently on schedule to reach completion at Easter 2013. Wold Construction is the main contractor on the new skate park project, whilst Gravity Systems is providing all architectural services.

The new facility is under construction in St Peter Port and is ideally situated to the rear of the local leisure centre. The park is being built on a piece of land – formerly home to a play area – which became available after the site was redesigned.

Guernsey Skate Park

Skating facilities at Jubilee Skate Park are being constructed entirely from concrete and the development will be surrounded by fencing to protect it from vandalism.

All visitors to the site must become a member of Jubilee Skate Park in order to use the facility, but as the park will be open from dawn to dusk, skaters will have plenty of opportunities to make use of the site.

Mike added:

“Jubilee Skate Park does not include any artificial lighting, so the site will predominantly be in use during daylight hours and we will have a fully staffed club hut on site, which will be responsible for monitoring members who use the park.”

Guernsey Skate Park

Although work is almost complete on Jubilee Skate Park, this is not the end for new skating facilities in Guernsey, as Mike explained:

“We are currently in discussions regarding the construction of another skate park in the north of the Island, as well as a few additional satellite sites. We are very pleased with the work that we are achieving here and I think this facility will be well received by the public when it opens.”

For more information about Jubilee Skate Park, please visit: www.gxsa.org.

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