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Important new facility for Guernsey

New Slaughter House- Guernsey

A £2 million project to provide Guernsey with a new slaughter house is making good progress.

The Replacement Slaughter House for Guernsey project is being implemented by the States of Guernsey in order to replace an outdated facility. Once work is complete on the project the existing building will be returned to local government, making the new facility the only slaughter house on the Island.

Work began on the Design and Build project in April 2012 and is currently on schedule to reach completion in July 2013. Harbour View Construction is the main contractor on the project, whilst Lovell Ozanne & Partners is providing all architectural services.

Funding for the project is being provided by the Commerce and Employment Department – part of the States of Guernsey government department structure. To fund this project, Commerce and Employment is using a portion of its capital budget, savings from  2009, as well as the reallocation of all of its farm loans fund.

Commenting on the need for the new slaughter house, States of Guernsey Project Manager, Carl Falla, said:

“The current slaughter house is a located within a Victorian commercial building and unfortunately is no longer capable of meeting the requirements of a facility of its nature. As the existing slaughter house is unable to meet the current standards we have looked towards the development of a new, modern facility.

New Slaughter House- Guernsey

“The new building is being placed within a location which will aid the delivery of livestock, which is something the existing building struggles with and will produce meat achieving both welfare and food processing standards.”

The replacement slaughter house is being built on reclaimed land, with piled foundations and a reinforced concrete slab. The new facility is being constructed using a steel portal frame with external cladding and is divided into three key areas.

The first area of the building – the lairage – is where the livestock will be delivered and comprises a mix of reinforced concrete walls and cattle gates. Meanwhile, the second area of the building will be the slaughter line, a vital stage in the meat production process. The slaughter line includes an insulated core and houses all of the slaughter house equipment.

The final area of the building is where various chiller rooms are located; a food safe insulated environment where meat will be kept until it is collected by local butchers or dispatched to export markets in the UK or possibly France.

At present work is taking place on the ground slab and once this is complete the steel frame portal will be erected and clad, and an internal fit-out will take place. Some additional landscaping will also take place on the project.

Carl said:

“The project is quite technical, so co-ordinating all of the specialist process equipment within the building has been a bit of a challenge, however construction work is progressing well and we are currently on schedule.

“This new plant will provide the Island with an EU standard slaughter house and this will allow us to export meat products to anywhere within the EU. With the BSE “crisis” of the 1980s and 90s now a thing of the past, this new facility will make possible a significant increase in meat production from local farms.

“The wider market opportunities it makes available and the long term reduction in subsidy costs has been a key factor in the continuation of slaughter house provision for the Island.”

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