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Grange Developments, Jersey
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Grange Developments, Jersey

Grange Developments, a specialist residential property developer, was founded in 2002 and offers a range of exquisite properties across Jersey appropriate for customers with different budgets and lifestyles.

The property developer has a plethora of properties in its portfolio including newly constructed homes, renovated existing structures, as well as refurbished period properties.

Having been immersed in Jersey’s property market for nearly 20 years Grange Developments can offer the island’s residents the very best in traditional and contemporary high quality living. We caught up with David Whalley, Managing Director and Owner of Grange Developments, to find out more about the successful firm. He said:

I have worked in residential property development since 1977 and have been involved in Jersey’s construction industry since 1996. As a company we take great pride in individually designing properties for clients as well as creating a quality product. We also offer a one-to-one service which clients really appreciate.”

Grange Developments has vast experience in the development of private residential houses, but is especially focused on the development of niche sites. The firm pays attention to detail in order to create the highest standards of design, construction and service, as well as building homes that are sensitive to the Jersey environment.

Grange Developments, Jersey

The firm is environmentally conscious and so feels they have a duty to protect the landscape and heritage of the island, by careful, considerate and appropriate development. Grange is therefore always interested in all types of building and regeneration opportunities whether they are large or small.

With an excess of 30 years’ experience in the property developing industry Grange Developments consider any land whether it is large or small, Brownfield or Greenfield, as well as being interesting in sites that are with or without planning permission.

The property developer builds and renovates buildings in order to rent out as well as sell to those looking for a new home. Sites such as Dessous les Hougues, Le Petit Chardon and Byron Mews are available for those wishing to lease and Indequiplies House, Fremont Du Nord, The Yews, The Priors and The Grange boast an array of properties for those ready to buy.

Grange Developments, Jersey

One of Grange’s recent developments, The Yews, saw the firm transform a dilapidated site into a beautiful location comprising nine units. Grange bought the site at the start of 2012 which contained four apartments, an old barn and a generous amount of land. The building containing the apartments is Listed and so the on site team had to be sensitive to the structure and design of the property.

The four apartments have been maintained and within the outbuildings a one bedroom house has been constructed alongside two, two-bedroom houses. Seven units have therefore been created using existing on-site properties; Grange has also erected two new detached houses at the rear of the site.

Located in St Peters Village the site has been overseen by main contractor Quadrant Construction and architects and designers Morris Architects. With reference to the interiors of the properties the team have created a modern, contemporary finish combining fresh, bright colours and vibrant splashes of colour.

Morris Architects Limited has been established since 2004 and since its inception has worked on an array of projects in various sectors. The firm is therefore well placed to assist Grange Developments on their schemes. Morris Architects is firmly committed to maintaining a high level of professional design and care to all of its clients.

Grange Developments, Jersey

The practice is solely managed by Andrew Morris who is involved in the day-to-day running of all projects within the practice and he is assisted by a management team of Ian Marett, Peter Garforth and Andrew d’Avoine. All projects are assessed through weekly management meetings to ensure that the information being produced is of high quality, meets client requirements and the programmes required are met.

Morris Architects Limited has been recognised for its efforts having won Best Apartment Block in the What House Awards 2011, Sustainability Award at the Jersey Construction Awards 2010 and Consultant of the Year at the Jersey Construction Council Awards 2006.

David added:

The Yews development stands out because of its location; it was previously a dilapidated site for many years and most people were familiar with it. Now the property looks beautiful having been finished with Jersey granite and finished to a high specification.”

Another of Grange Developments sites comprises three £1 million properties and has just recently been completed in June 2014. Grange purchased the Fremont Du Nord site at the beginning of 2013 and has sold all of the high end properties in record time.

Grange Developments, Jersey


The site was vacant when Grange Developments discovered it and so the scheme has simply involved the construction of the three properties. All three houses have two storeys and also contain a number of rooms in the roofs and so offered buyers a spacious, luxurious property to live in.

Quadrant Construction and Morris Architects also worked on this project. The firms have established a long standing relationship over the years and this familiarity enables Grange to be confident in the production of great houses. The team were able to avoid any major difficulties during this project by completing a thorough planning and design process prior to work beginning on-site.

Grange is currently developing The Priors site which includes the renovation of an historic Jersey property dating back to the 1700’s. The project also includes renovating the old Coach House on site and the construction of a new property in the grounds of the site. The Dower House and Coach House are both listed properties and so the on site team are having to be very sympathetic to the nature of the building throughout the renovation.

Grange purchased the site at the end of 2013 and all properties are due to be completed by December 2014. The Dower House, despite not being completed, has now been sold. The site is located just north of St Helier and comprises quality properties over a picturesque large site.

David Whalley said that Grange developments plan to continue expanding:

We are very proud of all the projects we undertake. Our future plan is to continue to purchase quality – sites; we have recently acquired a site at Haut Croix in St John comprising six units and Control House in St Martins for eight apartments and houses which is great. We also have other developments in the pipeline that we are working on. We just want to carry on growing the business and developing so we are out there all the time looking for different sites.

There are always sites and buildings on the island which are reaching the end of their life and need renovating, demolishing and redeveloping. There has never been a time when it looks like land is going to run out which is great for us!”

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