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NEEDO… Slim & stylish with totally new technology

needo Line T electric heating
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Finally… the design, energy efficiency and flexibility failings of electric central heating may well become a thing of the past with the advent of NEEDO by INTELLI HEAT advanced electric heating systems.
Needo, Gilt-framed French armchairs and tall vase on glass-topped metal table in living room with cream standard lamp
The future is electric!
NEEDO electric radiators are proving that beauty is far more than just skin deep through their revolutionary new technology, which heat up twice as fast as competitor systems and offer up to 30% energy savings compared with storage and regular electric panel heaters. Which, together with the user having the option of total seven-day programming control over the temperature and timing settings of each individual radiator or zone, and the benefit of being able to access both real-time and historical energy consumption and running costs data for each radiator or zone, minimal running costs can be achieved. Making the cost of heating your home with a NEEDO system easily comparable with a traditional wet system, but without the upheaval, installation and maintenance costs associated with wet systems.
Revolutionary technology revealed
The secret behind NEEDO’s superior energy efficient performance is an innovative two-phase heat transfer process that not only delivers a much more rapid rise in temperature, but also facilitates heat recovery of energy already produced, substantially lowering running costs, this unique process is called the Advanced Condensing System (ACS). Each radiator contains a small amount of eco-friendly, highly thermo-efficient fluid, during operation this fluid evaporates at high speed immediately releasing its energy through the condensing process to the radiator’s case and the heat generated is completely and quickly transferred from the radiator to the environment. As a result, the ACS technology reduces the time to reach the required temperature by up to 50% compared with other electric radiators. Furthermore, this process ensures an extremely uniform radiator temperature profile resulting in a highly efficient heat transfer process to produce comfortable, natural ambient warmth.
 line T needo electric heating
Beautiful and intelligent 
Not just a pretty face, the ‘brain’ of a NEEDO radiator is an advanced intelligent thermostat comprising of the highest quality components which precisely regulates energy consumption in a controlled manner. As soon as a room or area has reached the set temperature, only lesser, minimal periodic amounts of energy is drawn in order to maintain a constant level of ambient warmth. Therefore, for example, when a 1000w radiator is constantly operated over aperiod of twelve hours to heat an area at 20 degrees, only approximately 4000w is drawn, which can be further reduced by considered programming and zone control.
Another important factor is that NEEDO radiators are specifically designed to be powered by electricity. The slender aluminium body is manufactured as one seamless piece with a high quality tungsten element embedded into the casing during the initial manufacturing process, as opposed to two casts being welded together and the element being fitted post-production. This substantially reduces the risk of leaks and ensures greater performance and durability. Additionally, the thermostat is discretely concealed behind the radiator and is easily replaceable in the unlikely event of a fault occurring, and ingeniously, each radiator is cleverly designed to pivot away from the wall to facilitate cleaning or decorating.
needo Line T electric heating
“Now there’s no excuse not to install an electric heating system”
Summarized by INTELLI HEAT’s managing director Salvatore Cirasuolo “We believe we are the only electric central heating system manufacturer to offer this technological advance. NEEDO radiators work on a completely different principle to standard electric systems, offering greater heat control, more even heat spread and reduced operating costs.”
“With NEEDO we have worked hard to produce a product that delivers on a number of fronts,” added Mr Cirasuolo. “Not only do the radiators look great with leading designs, they are super slim and work brilliantly to deliver highly responsive, cost-effective and environmentally responsible warmth. In the past electric heating has been synonymous with lumpy, old fashioned panel and storage heaters that were both inefficient and expensive to operate. Now there is no excuse not to install an electric heating system.”
 needo black radiator norwich 26/09/13 26091320 lee pitcher
Superb quality with a pedigree to rely on
NEEDO is a European brand of Zoppas Industries, the leading manufacturer of heating elements for domestic appliances and industrial applications worldwide. NEEDO’s technology benefits from years of research by the Zoppas Innovation and Technology Centre (CIT), which develops totally reliable heating elements and components for almost all quality electrical appliances produced by the world’s most well known prestigious brands.
The slim (just 4cm) NEEDO range is available in three fabulous designs T, M and R Lines, in both horizontal and vertical versions and a choice of nine colours. Superbly styled NEEDO towel rails are also available and the spectacular MONOLITHE, which combines heating, lighting and mobility all in one system. Each radiator or zone can be wirelessly controlled by the cool-looking My NEEDO energy management centre with touch-screen controls to create a complete central heating system, or by the user-friendly programming NEEDO TH units, which includes a version designed for an individual radiator and a version for zone control. Special Offers
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