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The Importance Of Removing Asbestos Safely

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Something that most people agree on is that asbestos is very dangerous. Over the years, much research has been carried out to show that inhalation of this substance can lead to serious illness and even death. Therefore, you’d assume that when it comes to disposing of asbestos in a safe manner, people always take all of the necessary steps to ensure that its removal and disposal does not put anyone in danger. However, unfortunately not everyone plays it safe.

What has happened?

A businessman has been prosecuted for trying to dispose of asbestos-containing materials in an improper manner. He tried to dump them near to a primary school, but fortunately he was caught in the act. If he’d been able to continue dumping these materials, the consequences could have been dire. They were very likely in a poor condition, which means they would probably have released asbestos fibres, leading to lots of young children being exposed to asbestos.

What’s the problem with this?

Not only is the dumping of hazardous materials illegal, which means the man was breaking the law, but the risks of disposing of the materials in this manner could have been extremely serious. Asbestos fibres were used for many years in the construction industry due to their resistance to both heat and chemicals. It is a carcinogenic substance and can cause several asbestos related diseases.

The businessman’s actions could have led to many small children inhaling the asbestos fibres. They could then have gone on to experience a range of ill effects during their teenage years. A complication of asbestos is that it’s very difficult to detect the fibres in the body, which means that it’s hard to confirm if an individual has been exposed to them.

Ultimately, this story highlights the importance of disposing asbestos materials in a safe manner. Fibres are very dangerous if inhaled, and so materials should always be removed properly by fully trained and insured contractors. You may think that finding a competent company to deal with asbestos removal is time consuming, but it’s essential to ensure the ongoing safety of anyone within or nearby the building.

If you have any concerns about the disposal of asbestos, get in touch with a local asbestos consultancy such as Acorn Analytical Services who can carry out an asbestos survey and help with its removal.

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