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C&F Quadrant Become Supplier of Giacomini Flow Control Products

C&F Quadrant Become Supplier of Giacomini Flow Control Products
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A major distributor and merchant for the heating and plumbing trade has become Northern Ireland’s supply partner of flow controls valves from Giacomini UK.

C&F Quadrant (NI) has partnered with leading HVAC manufacturer Giacomini to expand their commercial brand portfolio. The new product range from Giacomini will enable C&F Quadrant’s commercial heating team to provide complete plant room solutions for its customers’.

The new deal also furthers Giacomini’s commitment to the Irish market and will enable the manufacturer’s components to become more readily available.

Giacomini’s flow control products maximise the efficiency of a heating system by regulating the flow of water to ensure a steady output. Its valves help to keep the water clean and system balanced, by applying resistance to force the water to flow around every single route, instead of taking the easiest and nearest option. This maximises the energy output and improves system efficiency.

Matt Lowe, managing director of Giacomini UK, said: “Ireland is a key market for us and for a long time we’ve wanted to focus more on our Irish customers, which is something we’ve been working towards since appointing Warren Smyth as our dedicated sales engineer for Ireland in 2016. Since then we’ve made big steps, with our work with C&F Quadrant being the latest of these. The partnership with C&F is a great way for us to unite with a leading heating and plumbing supplier to give our Irish customers not just access to our products but full technical support, via C&F’s in-house commercial heating experts.”

Giacomini products now available from C&F Quadrant include:-

  • Safety Valves;
  • Hydraulic Separators, which reduce flow velocity and enable air and dirt removal;
  • Magnetic Dirt Separators, which help avoid costly maintenance checks. These separators filter dirt to protect vital parts and prevent flow restriction;
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves to regulate temperatures and eliminate the risk of burns;
  • Boiler Safety Manifolds. These compact, preassembled manifold groups have been especially developed to aid boiler room safety, protection and checks;
  • Y Strainers, which protect vital components from damage that could be caused by debris in the system. These contain a dirt trap to prevent the system from blocking.

Robert Forsythe, of C&F Quadrant, commented: “We are delighted to offer our customers Giacomini’s flow control products. Giacomini is known for its high quality products, that are engineered with energy efficiency and reliability in mind, Giacomini offer cost effective solutions, that will assist us in increasing  our product offering”.

For further information regarding Giacomini’s product ranges for commercial specifications and D&B projects, please contact Warren Smyth on 07557 941553 or by emailing


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