PASMA: Tower Week

PASMA: Tower Week

A founder member of the Access Industry Forum (AIF), PASMA is the world’s lead trade association for the mobile access tower industry.

Representing the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers and users, it delivers and oversees the industry standard training scheme and is a major publisher of safety-related knowledge, information and guidance. Liaising closely with all the key regulatory authorities and standards-setting bodies in the work at height sector, PASMA is the voice of the industry and, as such, plays a leading role in promoting best practice.

In its first national Tower Week (11th-15th November), PASMA promoted not only safety and best practice, but also the benefits of mobile access towers in a growing number of different applications. The week provided a snapshot of current tower use to inform future safety campaigns and projects.

Organised nationally, but delivered locally by its member organisations, PASMA Tower Week saw PASMA manufacturers, hire/assembly companies and tower training centres give demonstrations, run workshops and surgeries, offer on-site health checks and provide ‘ask the expert’ sessions. The digital events were in addition to the local and regional Tower Week activities organised by PASMA members throughout the country.

PASMA’s Managing Director, Peter Bennett, said: “Towers are a familiar part of the workplace landscape. They enjoy a proven track record for safety and productivity and are the natural and logical choice for a great many access tasks.

“PASMA Tower Week turned the spotlight on this versatile piece of access equipment and gave it the prominence and attention it rightly deserved. It showcased the latest developments in tower design, assembly techniques and safe practice, and highlighted why towers are increasingly chosen in preference to other forms of temporary access.”

PASMA’s programme of events for Tower Week included the following:

Day 1: An interview with HSE

In an interview with PASMA, HSE discussed the findings of this year’s Safer Sites initiative targeting the refurbishment, repair and maintenance sectors. An inspector of health and safety explained the main issues arising from these unannounced visits, with particular reference to mobile access towers.

Day 2: The diversity, advantages and potential of towers     

Highlighting the versatility of towers, this event showcased the many and varied applications for which towers are increasingly being used. The event was a must for anyone responsible for selecting, supervising or using access equipment on site and in the workplace.

Day 3: Looking after your tower  

Aluminium towers are renowned for being lightweight, easy to assemble and reliable, but, as with any piece of access equipment, there are some simple measures you can take to keep them in tip-top condition. This event explained the steps to take to keep them both productive and safe.


Day 4: Setting the standard for podiums and pulpits

There is now a long overdue standard for pulpits and podiums. Sponsored by PASMA, PAS 250 is a new product specification designed to protect users of low-level access equipment. Guests watching the event were able to discover if they were up to standard.

Day 5: Never used a tower before?

This final event was a beginner’s guide to mobile access towers. What they are, how and when to use them, and what to look for when buying or hiring a tower. It also explained the importance of professional training and the distinct benefits of employing a PASMA member who knows and understand towers and speaks the language.


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